Safely Dangerous

One's identity is safe as far as real world is concerned but the other's reputation is striped in pieces.

When more than half of the population spends more time behind the screen,it’s no fault to worry that maximum crimes take place over the internet. One remains as safe and secure as one can be with an alias, ruling the social media with his/her bleak comments and making innocent people suffer humiliation at their every click.This is what the National Crime Prevention Council defines as Cyberbullying. The identity of this criminal remains well covered but their mindset and hatred is all relevant in their comments which are mostly targeted at women create havoc in their lives. Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else. It includes heavy trolls which are a form of hatred.

And in every such place women are constantly targeted for no fault of theirs.Sometimes choosing to wear their choicest dress or excelling in fields which are highly dominated by menWhat do you call someone who is penalised for their high forms of intelligence, who uses it to educate the common mass?You name it I’ll tell you the story.Recently the picture of the black hole found at the centre of M87 has notched every headline throughout the world since 10th April,2019,.One of the pivotal roles in marking the success of the breathtaking picture was played by an American woman scientist from MIT named Katie Bowman.The picture that we have now would be a dream if she along with didn’t decode the algorithm.She worked equally as hard as the other members of her team. As a woman, an MIT grad and an accomplished computer scientist aged just 29, Bouman stood out to many as a role model for young women in the traditionally male-dominated STEM fields.However, Internet trolls attempted to discredit her work on the project, saying she did not play a big part.

Katie after she decoded the algorithm

But following her newfound fame, Bouman became the target of Internet trolls who said Andrew Chael, a male colleague, did most of the work on the project. Memes of Chael that said he was responsible for “850,000 of the 900,000 of code that were written in the historic black-hole image algorithm” went viral on social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter, The Hill reported.

The first video that came up after a search of Katie Bouman on YouTube was titled, “Woman does 6% of the Work but Gets 100% of the Credit: Black Hole Photo,” NBC news reported. A few hours later, it appeared at the top of YouTube’s search results.

But Chael responded to the memes in a thread on Twitter saying the project “was a team effort” and applauded Bouman for her work.

Some couldn’t accept the progress of a woman and they turned their hatred into cyberbullying.

Not only on a such big sphere,women are equally attacked for sharing their knowledge on social media.A very famous personality on Quora,namely Sierra Spauling was at the receiving end of harassment (sometimes sexual in nature) and has gotten some disgustingly crass comments from a number of trolls.She has mirror touch synesthesia, and therefore these negative experiences took a greater toll on her mental well being ,according to one of her friends on Quora. All of us are here to promote safe searching on the internet.The UN and the governments are all trying hard to make the internet a safer place for its users.Unfortunately some aim particularly at women and try knocking them down, but they are unable to understand that cyberbullying is a crime and once they are caught they are at a dead end.


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