Top Teen Instagram Artists You Should Follow!

Do you want to see beautiful art on your timeline? Are you craving some artistic inspiration? If so, then you should check out the instagram accounts of these following artists! These artists are the rising influencers of our generation. Come along on their journey and give them some love and support!

1. isabella.drawsss

Isabella draws uses prismacolour pencils as the main medium in her art. She is able to portray the individuality of humans in each of her artworks, and along with the signature bright colors she uses, these are what makes her art so captivating! She experiments with the manipulation of the human person, and her artworks showcase elements unusually found in most human-centric pieces. She usually posts useful art tips on her story, so if you are an up and coming artist, you should definitely check her stuff out!

2. fuyuch7

Fuyuch displays impressive technique which is clearly seen in how detailed and aesthetically pleasing her work is. What’s especially enjoyable is how she uses contrasting textures and images to make her art stand out. She manages to showcase her artistic ability and prowess while remaining original, and this is what makes her art unique. If you enjoy being aesthetically pleased whenever you scroll through your timeline, then Fuyuch is definitely someone you should follow!

3. samira_felice

Samira Felice’s talent in art is shown in how she interprets light and its effects on the subjects she chooses to portray in her art. She is able to take ordinary images and make them something worth it to look at through her mastery of how light works and how it bounces off the subject to create moods and interesting effects. A favorite of mine, her art is always a pleasure to look at and she can only get better from here.

4. Sketch_book7

What makes Sketch_book7’s art unique are the concepts she is able to come up with. She uses her ability to implement and bring these concepts to life, creating beautiful results in the process. Her style borders on surrealism and realism, and she uses her main medium: colored pencils, to achieve this.

5. nikki.artss

Nikki’s art also blurs the line between surrealism and realism. She paints images of normal people but she is able to incorporate something that is uniquely her in every single one of her works. Though she is a beginner, there is something special about the art she creates that I’m sure she will learn to develop as time goes by.

6. Drawingsbydiana

The hyper-realistic style of Diano Kantola’s work conveys deep emotions to a viewer in a manner that the viewer falls into the mind of Kantola herself. Kantola shows an excellent understanding of the color palette across her different artworks, with strong usage of color in her rendition of a stunning visual in the music video of Bury a Friend by Billie Elish. Beyond color, excellent skill with graphite is demonstrated, with touching highlights in the portrait piece.

7. Art_awu

Art_awu’s style and representation of modern Japanese culture in art is one that I personally feel is unrivaled by many artists. A distinct color palette of subtle pinks, purples and blues resonate in the message that they convey to the viewer; a message of relaxation. The raw quality brought by the framing of the artworks allows the viewer to look into the world of the artist, often acquiring intimate details of the artist's surroundings, which only contributes to the serenity of the art.

8. Art_en

Art_en’s work is special because she is able to convey so much emotion in just a single portrait. She experiments with different mediums and styles but she is able to create something uncannily fascinating in every single one of them. Her art makes you feel, which is what sets her apart from other artists at this stage of creation.


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